What Makes One Speaker System Sound Better Than Another?

Factor #1: exotic or uncolored drivers.

The finished system cannot sound better than the drivers at their best. You can usually recognize an exotic because it is made of ceramic, ribbon, or works in an entirely different way than the everyday cones and domes of paper and plastic.

If you put $100. worth of drivers in a box, then sell it for $10,000 (which is what many high end manufacturers do, as you can see if you just look at the ordinary drivers in their boxes), then your speaker will, to a large degree, still sound like $100. worth of drivers in a box, regardless of this alesis dm6 review will help you make the decision how finely tuned the system is. To get true realism in sound, you must begin with the best drivers available, even though they are much more expensive for the manufacturer to buy.

Factor #2: usually the crossover and filter.

This circuit must be designed both by computer analysis and modeling, then refined over and over in extensive listening tests with trained musicians who are experienced at identifying subtle inaccuracies, and who can determine how to correct them.

Factor #3: Usually the cabinet.

Attention must be paid to the construction. The walls must not vibrate, and care must be taken to minimize diffraction (peaks and dips in the response curve caused by the shape). A particular shape can actually be used to control and improve the response curve. Cylinders (and rounded edges) have many advantages in both the above areas.

Finally, a system can only sound as good as the drivers. A driver with higher internal coloration and distortion will always sound artificial compared to an exotic driver, no matter how good the crossover, mating with the cabinet, and other details are realized. So we have taken a different approach thanĀ best electronic drum kit for recording most companies. We start with the most accurate (which means most expensive) drivers available anywhere, and then our staff of engineers and musicians don’t approve the final version until the speaker measures and sounds as good as theoretically possible with the drivers. Will we make as much money as our competitors? Only if we sell more speakers. Will you get far better sound with our speakers than from the same priced models of our competitors? Yes, because you are getting better drivers. We invite you to compare.